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Traveller and Roma Policy in Ireland

Pride, Culture and Identity

As part of its remit, the Traveller & Roma Inclusion Unit endeavours to promote positive communications in relation to the Traveller and Roma Communities. One of the activities we sponsor is the annual Traveller Pride Week. Traveller Pride Week is expected to be launched on 12th June 2015. The National Traveller Organisations will be organising some National events to mark the occasion.

As in previous years the Traveller and Roma Inclusion Unit has some funding available to Traveller Interagency Groups for activities around Traveller Pride Week and a call for applications issued in March 2015. This funding will be available for suitable projects which celebrate Traveller Culture and which will:
Involve the active participation of members of the Traveller community at all stages of the project (planning, implementation and evaluation)
Celebrate and promote Traveller culture
Promote a positive image of Traveller Culture to the wider settled community, and
Include the settled community

Whilst we would like most activities to take place during Traveller Pride Week we realise this may not be possible and are therefore open to looking at proposals outside this timeframe.

National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy

During 2015 the Department of Justice and Equality will be undertaking a comprehensive consultation process with a view to putting in place a revised National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy by early 2016. The process will seek to revise, as appropriate, the Strategies being followed across Government in the key priority areas of accommodation, education, health, employment and anti-discrimination. The process will involve 3 phases, phase 1 of which will be an initial round of consultations to identify the priority themes to be addressed in a revised National Inclusion Strategy. A draft call for submissions has been prepared and will be published shortly, including on this website, and sets out a number of themes that we would see as being key to progressing Traveller & Roma inclusion, including a theme on Cultural Identity.

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